2 thoughts on “5 things you should do before you seek a music licensing deal

  1. PS Also your artist/songwriters probably know this but offering a music user both the performer and the song rights is something they like. We started doing it many years ago, contacted original artists to rerecord. What a grand time it was. Creativity and particularly music is so grand.

  2. Your article was one of the most concise and on target ones I have seen in a while. Licensing can be a very complicated process at times especially when one promotes, and then the licensing challenge and securing appropriate payment begins. I was blessed to be involved in promoting and licensing with a wonderful team for years, working with songwriters and songs. Because we promoted to every possible area including advertising, tv, films, tv promos, industrial promos, evolving technologies, etc. we tried to clear rights in advance. I spent time on the phone explaining to contemporary songwriters (I worked for a US global publisher) that sometimes having a song “out there” in a good way is important because it keeps a song alive, it allows for a new audience to the music/artist (even sometimes when the original artist is not involved) and because one use of a song can lead to others. And if in movie or tv show, performances can still be paid in a time when most licenses require all rights now known or hereafter known. But here too performances are included in many licenses.

    One also knows the value of promotion via exposure but it is a tricky exchange. In our digital world I want to see music have value. It is a hard road in these times. Thank you for your article.

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