Balancing songwriting, your music career, and a business plan – and how to have productive patience

I work in waves. I can write a ton of songs in a few months then nothing. I used to freak out that my songwriting creativity was gone forever. Now I know this is just how I work. I have three phases of my music career process: the touring, the creative and songwriting, and the business. They seem to weave in and out of each other. When I’m in touring mode or song writing mode, I’m never really psyched about booking, making phone calls, or sending emails. When my touring and creative spurts are over, I kick my music business plan into high-gear.
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Songwriting and writers block

Songwriting and writer’s block: 11 tips to help the songwriter get unstuck

Just like writers of prose or non-fiction, even the most successful songwriters hit creative walls and stifling writer’s block. So where do you turn when you can’t seem to remember how to write a song? What do you do if you’ve got an explosive first verse but can’t come up with a chorus? What if you’re stuck with a blank page in front of you and don’t know where to start? Here are some tips from a range of experienced songwriters to help you overcome your own writer’s block. Read more.