Videomaker’s Best Video Products of the Year 2011

2011 was a great year for video products. The increasing convergence of traditional camcorders with DSLRs, the emergence of consumer 3D, the widening availability of cameras with interchangeable lenses and other innovations have made this an exciting time to be passionate about video. After duking it out once again, defending our favorites, we’re ready to reveal our picks for the best of the best from 2011. And the winners are… Read more.

Craig Hanna on Video Post-Production and Authoring – Part I

The manager of Disc Makers’ Authoring House talks about common mistakes, post-production, and multimedia programming

Tell me a little about what you were doing before you came to the Authoring House.
I have over 25 years of experience in video and film production. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts, with a concentration in film and television from The University of South Carolina. I worked for Comcast and then Sony and was a freelance producer before coming here. I’ve done everything from writing, producing, editing, and shooting to pulling cables – all the jobs involved in production and post-production – and I also was a multimedia programmer.
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Do You Have a Video Policy?

I recently went to a show at a small L.A. venue called the Baked Potato. The band was phenomenal. One of the best guitar players I’d ever seen. However, half-way through the set he spotted a fan videotaping the show. Apparently he didn’t like that too much and chastised and embarrassed the fan in front of the entire crowd. As much as I loved the band I had to question why they thought it would be a good move to make their fan feel like a jerk in front of everyone for doing something that could help them reach more people. Read more…

From DV to DVD: Tips for Outstanding Results

From the time your video content has all been shot, acquired, and compiled, your post-production efforts are likely to include thoughts of DVD. DVD is an inexpensive, efficient way to deliver your work to your audience, whatever the content and purpose. Though you may have mastered some of the intricacies and challenges of production, getting your work onto DVD requires attention to some technical considerations that may be unfamiliar to you. Read more…