How to Produce a Flawless DVD – Region Codes and Copy Protection

How to Produce a Flawless DVDWhen DVDs were introduced, studios wanted the ability to combat piracy and control release dates throughout the world. As a result, region codes were developed to restrict where (what region of the world) a DVD can be viewed. Each area of the globe is assigned its own specific number, or region code: 1. North America; 2. Europe, South Africa, Japan; 3. Far East; 4. Latin America, Australia; 5. Africa, India, Russia; 6. China; 8. In Flight Entertainment. Read more and download your FREE guide.

DIY Video Accessories

Producing video is an exciting hobby and rewarding business, but it takes a lot of gear. Sometimes, the rewarding and the exciting part can be in just making the gear. There are lots of pieces of equipment made to perform very exact tasks in video production, from camera mounts that help cameras move smoothly to light producing and shaping tools. We all look through thick catalogues crammed with gear with a quickening heartbeat and wide eyes (I know I’ve never seen a light modifier I didn’t immediately know would solve every problem I’ve ever had with lighting), and this gear acquisition syndrome….Read more…