How music instrument insurance helped Triple Colossal Studios weather a hurricane

Dylan's music instrument insurance storyI learned my lesson back in the ’90s. We were playing the East Coast for the first time. We had all our equipment in a trailer. We went to D.C. for one hour of sightseeing one afternoon, and when we got back, the van was gone. We had no insurance. Of course after that, somebody’s father said, “You idiots, why didn’t you have insurance? What’s more important than securing the tools of your trade?” Read More.

Tips from a cop to help prevent music instrument theft

tips to prevent music instrument theft A gigging musician – who happens to be a deputy sheriff – gives advice on what you need to do to prevent music instrument theft, including: most thieves are, generally speaking, lazy. They go for the easiest prey. A locked door will make most amateur thieves move on to easier targets, and in my experience, there are actually very few professionals. Most are what we call “snatch-and-go”. Read more.