Give fans more reasons to buy your music

How to sell more musicIn a world driven by social media, fans want to know what you’re up to, what you did today, and what you were thinking about when you wrote the lyrics to your latest single. In the new industry, this is where much of the value lies. Fans don’t need more ways to buy new music; they need more reasons to. Give them an invitation into the journey and you’d better believe they’ll pay to gain that kind of access. Read more.

Get clear on your music career goals

Music career goals Everybody has goals, or at least thinks they have goals. Only a handful of people are actually making an active effort to get clarity on what they really want and then go after those things in a deliberate way. Once you get clear on your music career goals, it will completely change how you approach your music career and will open you up to new opportunities for success. Your goals can change and will change, because you will change during your process of going after them. Read more.