How Musicians and Composers Make Money

Future of Music CoalitionThe Future of Music Coalition just released the results of a research project they conducted where over 5,000 US-based musicians were surveyed about how they earned money. Here is the list with their findings. 1. Publisher advance. Bulk payment to songwriter/composer as part of a publishing deal. 2. Mechanical Royalties. Royalties generated through the licensed reproduction of recordings of your songs — either physical or digital. Read more.

Independence for Bands: 101 Part 1

“Want a record contract?” No, not really. The good old rock ‘n’ roll myth of the perfect record deal is dead. 9 out of 10 (major label) albums cost more to produce than they make. Of all acts signed in 2007, 70% didn’t have their album released.

The point at which an artist has many fans and is proving profitable is when labels show interest in signing an artist, and is exactly the point when an artist doesn’t need a record label. Read more…

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Get paid when you get played

No musician can afford to miss out on a potential source of income. So if you’re a songwriter, and not a member of a Performance Rights Organizations (PRO) like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or SOCAN (Canada), you could be leaving money on the table. It’s not difficult to join one of these organizations, and as an independent, there are ways to enroll that allow you to maximize your royalties and double what you might think you’re eligible for. Read More.

Music Business 101 – Publishing


This one word has caused more musicians to pull their hair out than any other word in the music business. It’s a tricky and confusing subject – confusion that’s aided by the unintuitive nature of copyright law, the use of archaic terms left over from the history of music publishing, and the general craziness of the music business.

But music publishing is one of the most important aspects of the music business. Every musician wishing to earn money from their music needs to have at least a general understanding of publishing.

If you’ve been following the Music Business 101 series on GrindEFX, you should have a leg up on copyright and licensing, which form the basis for music publishing. Read more…

Music Business 101 – Copyright

GrindEFX just wrote the first in a series of articles about the music business, targeted at musicians. This edition tackles the infamous copyright.

Welcome to the first installment of GrindEFX’s introduction to some of the most important, and most confusing, concepts in the music business. These are concepts that serve as required knowledge for anyone wishing to take their music beyond the hobby level.

Read more…