SNL Drummer Shawn Pelton Shares Recording Session Performance Tips

Pelton SNL When it comes to a great performance in your next recording session, how do you summon your musical mojo and nail that transcendent take? Known as the house drummer for Saturday Night Live and recordings with Ray Charles, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Rod Stewart, Shakira, and Elton John, Shawn Pelton has built a tremendous career by capturing such in-studio magic. The top-call New York studio drummer offers performance tips on how to bring your own best playing to every take you track. Read more.

Who Hires Session Musicians?

Since music today is recorded professionally everywhere – from bedrooms onto laptop programs like GarageBand to 2,500-square-foot near-perfect acoustical environments attached to control rooms loaded with recording gear worth millions of dollars – it’s safe to say that almost anyone making music will be able to hire you for a professional recording session. If you’re in demand, you’ll probably get all sorts of playing opportunities from sources you wouldn’t suspect. That being said, the top three sources for session work are contractors, producers, and highly respected session musicians. Read more…