An independent musician needs to make CDs

playing music gigs in Canada Music streaming, MP3s, and digital downloads are in the race for most popular music delivery format, but the physical CD holds first place, especially in terms of revenue, music promotion, and branding for the independent musician. Even with all the benefits of online distribution, independent music artists are ordering more CDs than ever, and there are plenty of reasons why. Read more.

indie artist

How do you achieve success as an indie artist? Enjoy baking and sell your bread.

Independent artists ARE more empowered today than ever before, but at what cost? There are followers and there are leaders, and when it comes to making a career out of music these days, being a leader has become a matter of survival. The tech boom, along with the slow strangulation/metamorphosis of many record labels into black holes for intellectual property, has left independent artists with a plethora of tools to produce, promote, and release better products on their own, while simultaneously releasing them into a mire of audience and market over-saturation. Read More.

The 360 Deal – the music industry’s scary monster

It’s fun and easy to blame the woes of the world on major labels. After all, they’ve brought us The Pussycat Dolls, Milli Vanilli, and global warming. Oh yeah, there’s also the 360 record deal. 360 deals are common across all types of music labels, and music publishers are also in on the action with versions of their own. Not to be left out, concert promotion giant Live Nation also bangs the drum, having signed so-called 360 deals with the likes of Madonna and Jay-Z. Read more…