Plan for your great headshot

CariYour headshot is the first impression many new fans and the press will get of you. If the headshot just totally sucks or doesn’t successfully convey your brand, you lose out on so many opportunities right from the beginning. And when you’re trying to make your way in this industry, you simply can’t afford to miss even one opportunity. Having your photo taken can be stressful – I know how that goes – but if you follow some of these simple tips (as well as be flat-out determined that you won’t rest until it’s right), you’re bound to end up happy with the end result. Read more.

music photography

The art of music photography

Jason Gardner is a professional photographer who primarily shoots musicians. He has photographed such artists as Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello and Antibalas and captured live performances by notables like Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson and Neil Young. His photos have appeared in numerous periodicals, including Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine and Time Out, among many others. Read more.

6 key ingredients for creating good photos

janisWhat do you first notice when you see a CD cover? My guess is it’s the image, whether it’s an illustration or a photo. The images on your package can make or break the design and be the difference between getting noticed or being left on the shelf. In many cases, a great design starts with great photos. The images are what “drive” the design. If you plan to include photos of you or your band, you want those photos to look professional. Read more…