Hosting music networking events

Marc Alan Barnette (L) plays a 3rd Sunday. Photo by Kat Speer.Want to be involved and help build your music community? It starts with networking basics – building relationships with songwriters, musicians, and the other active people in your local music community. I tried it, and for 112 months in a row, from March 2003 through July 2012, I hosted a successful music event at my house in Nashville called the “3rd Sunday at 3:00.” Read more.

16 Years of Music Marketing in 30 Minutes – Interview with Echoes’ Andre Calilhanna

An independent artist has to constantly put out material that is going to interest and evoke a response from your audience. So it’s not just releasing music, though certainly you can do that pretty easily – the tools are there for you to put out a song a week if you wanted to. Be it video content or blog content or tour diaries, there are plenty of avenues for you to consistently produce content that will draw your audience in and keep them engaged. Read more.

Creative Resources and Tips for Aspiring Songwriters

For any aspiring songwriter, the road to success is one that is often uncertain. Two challenges face those wishing to take their songwriting abilities and career to the next level. The first is how to develop and enhance your own songwriting skills. The second centers on the need to build connections to the web of publishers, film and TV music supervisors, producers, artists, and others in the business that can use your song in a commercial venue. Read more…

Where Social Meets Creative

Crowdsourcing is a relatively recent phenomenon – a means by which creative projects are performed by networked individuals whose geographic location on the planet is entirely irrelevant. If a contributor can log onto the internet, upload a file, and participate in an online forum, he or she has met the key requirements to participate. Taking advantage of bandwidth improvements for accessing the internet, social networking platform advances, and growing acceptance of cloud computing, crowdsourcing has gained a growing body of advocates and each new project completed serves as a further proof of concept. Read more…