Make a career in music: seven rules to put you on track

Music Career RulesHave you ever been a starving musician? It’s no fun. Wondering where this month’s rent money is going to come from, scrounging up change in the sofa to put gas in your car, hoping that a string doesn’t break during the gig. No one goes from a little known performer to self-sufficient artist overnight. Here are seven rules to help you transition from someone with talent and a dream to someone with talent and a career in music. Read more.

Music workshops: how to choose, prep, and “work” music industry events

attending music workshops Music workshops can be outstanding resources when it comes to education, networking, and generating ideas. But how can you be sure the enticing-sounding workshop you’re being pitched is meat, rather than hype? How do you make the most of your time and elevate your career in the process? We’ve got tips from two industry veterans who know the world of workshops inside and out. Read more.

networking in the music business

Networking in the music business

Networking in the music businessWhen you get invited to a party in the music business, a conference/workshop, a #1 party, or any other music industry function, you want to act appropriately, meet the right people, and do the right things – but what are they? There are many ways to make great connections and be successful at networking in the music business, but there are also many pitfalls that can make a terrible (and damaging) first impression. Read more.