Jason Mrazs

Jason Mraz’s Advice: Keep Creating With All Your Heart

Considering that Jason Mraz has won a Grammy and holds the record for the longest standing single on the top 100 charts, you’d think he’d have profound advice about reaching stardom. But, delightfully and surprisingly enough, Jason told me something so simple, yet so memorable. “I don’t know a thing about how to make it in the music business. All I know is that I do what I love with all my heart.” Read more.

Who Influences Your Music Most?

Musical inspirationYou know that question people ask musicians “who influences you most”? Well, I’ve never been able to answer it. For a while I thought I’d just list what music I grew up listening to, as that must have made an impact on my writing style. Later, I started listing musicians whose music I currently am into because I must be trying to be more like them if I am a fan, right? Read more.

What Makes You So “Eclectic?”

When someone asks you to describe your music, think carefully before you drop the word “eclectic.” It may be true that you have a variety of music influences and inspirations, but be specific. “Eclectic” as a catchall can confuse the issue and give the impression that the tracks on your album are stylistically all over the map – or worse, that perhaps you are all over the map and are uncomfortable defining your own music. Instead, try to look for the common threads and the ways you bring your musical influences together. Read more.

Influence, Imitation

Grant GreenAt some point, every musician finds themselves studying, or perhaps copying, another’s music. This isn’t too different from apprentices studying with the Masters during the Renaissance. Except today, we usually don’t get to be in the same room as the person we’re studying.

It’s often said that imitation is the greatest means of flattery, but for those in the creative business, imitating too well can also be interpreted as plagiarism. Another expression I’ve heard several times is that stealing from one person is plagiarism, stealing from many is influence. Read more…