Managing your online videos

Slankard's online videos The prevalence of online videos brings up new questions when it comes to engaging with band mates and fellow artists. What’s appropriate to post and when? Plus, you never know what clips will show up where – say, an unflattering, low-res, audience-shot video of that embarrassing moment when you had a coughing fit and fell off the stage. Here are some tips from seasoned independent musicians to help you figure out how best to manage your own online video presence. Read more.

How to leverage your YouTube music channel

Among all the categories of videos found on YouTube, music is far and away the most popular, accounting for nearly 31% of all videos played through the website. It has also become the prime destination for music discovery by teenagers, with The Wall Street Journal recently reporting that two-thirds of teens listen to music directly from YouTube, more often than other services such as Pandora, Spotify, and MOG. Read more.

Using Video as a Learning Tool

Just as audio recording yourself as much as possible is a valuable way to analyze and critique songs, parts, and performances, making video recordings should also be standard procedure. It’s like looking in a mirror. You’re able to step back, free from the distractions of playing, singing, and putting on a show, and actually see yourself the way the audience sees you. But be cautioned; sometimes it won’t look pretty, especially in the beginning. Read more…