Fan Funding: Should You Ask Your Fans for Money?

Fan funding with PledgeMusicIn our experience working with artists from Ben Folds to the Beach Boys, we’ve found that fans want to be a part of a journey — the entire journey. If I love your music, I don’t just want to pre-order your new record. I also want to get a signed copy of the record and possibly a painting you made just for me. I may also want to meet you for dinner or see my name in the album credits. Read more.

Artist Endorsement Deals – dos and don’ts

Visit any music store and you can’t miss the posters — “Rock Star X proudly plays Company Y’s guitars.” Or crack nearly any music trade magazine and you’ll see ads with well-known players singing the praises of the instruments and tools of their choosing. Such are the most visible manifestations of sponsorships and artist endorsement deals, symbiotic relationships between companies and music creators who use, and help promote, their products. And while many artist endorsement deals may seem like the stuff of high-visibility, world-touring acts, they can be helpful tools for a wide range of indie musicians as well. Read more.