The case of the lost bass

Reasons to have instrument insuranceBassist Malcolm Gold’s story about the benefits of MusicPro instrument insurance doesn’t involve theft or damage. It was just a momentary lapse of focus on a long commute. “It was a very stressful time in my life. I was traveling on a train with a beautiful 1966 ice-blue metallic Fender Jazz bass. It’s a custom color, and worth a considerable amount of money, to say the least.” Read more.

Tips from a cop to help prevent music instrument theft

tips to prevent music instrument theft A gigging musician – who happens to be a deputy sheriff – gives advice on what you need to do to prevent music instrument theft, including: most thieves are, generally speaking, lazy. They go for the easiest prey. A locked door will make most amateur thieves move on to easier targets, and in my experience, there are actually very few professionals. Most are what we call “snatch-and-go”. Read more.