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Sell your story, sell your music

“Check out my new single on SoundCloud!” If you’re part of the music industry, you’re either guilty of sending out this message or you’re constantly receiving tweets of it with minor variations. It begs the ultimate question: “Why should your message prompt me to follow your link over any of the other identical messages I receive?” Read more.

Don’t Get Stuck In A Musical Rut

Don't Get Stuck in a Musical RutWe came across a thought-provoking post last week on (not necessarily regarded as THE premiere indie music site, we’ll admit) titled "You and Your Musical Rut." While the author ponders, extols, and resorts to fear tactics to tout the values of musical diversity and broadening your musical horizons by not listening exclusively to one artist or one music genre, from a musician’s standpoint, this can also easily translate to not limiting yourself to playing one style of music.
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What Makes You So “Eclectic?”

When someone asks you to describe your music, think carefully before you drop the word “eclectic.” It may be true that you have a variety of music influences and inspirations, but be specific. “Eclectic” as a catchall can confuse the issue and give the impression that the tracks on your album are stylistically all over the map – or worse, that perhaps you are all over the map and are uncomfortable defining your own music. Instead, try to look for the common threads and the ways you bring your musical influences together. Read more.