This is the Remix – Eight Tips on Reinventing Your Music

Justin Lassen“It’s a mistake to remix from a stereo master,” says expert remixer Justin Lassen. “If the track is already mastered and has its dynamics already defined, there’s only so much a remixer can do. If you are going to remix, import the stems from the original session, mute everything, bring in elements one at a time, and figure out a game plan as to how you’re going to tell the story of the remix. Read more.

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Making Money With Music Licensing – Part 3: Who’s Buying and How to Connect

Who are the buyers for your original music? The short answer is they are incredibly diverse, and include everything from video game production companies to late night TV variety shows. And while the enormous range of buyers is encouraging, they mainly operate in a closed loop of industry contacts, so gaining access can be difficult. That why knowing the ground rules and how value is perceived by the buyers is crucial before attempting to break in to the loop. Read more.

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Making Money With Music Licensing – Part 2: Creating Value and Income

When striving to understand how the music licensing business operates, one key fact is that the music licensing marketplace determines value on a daily basis. What this means is that to make any money licensing your music, your songs must have value in the eyes of the marketplace. The following qualities will help determine a piece of music’s relative licensing value. Read more.

10 Music Licensing Tips: How to get your music ready for Film and TV

If you’re like many independent artists trying to get your music heard far and wide, you might dream of having your music licensed for use in movies and TV shows. Music placement can indeed be a potent career booster — when it comes to visibility, credibility, and getting paid — but it’s a tough world to break into, and many talented artists don’t know where to start. To that end, here are some tips to help you get your house in order before you ever talk to a music supervisor on the phone — so when that precious licensing opportunity comes, you’ll be ready.Read more…

Composing for Film and Video

There are definitely composers who need help; the thing is, they’re not going to advertise for a film composer to help them. They need somebody to get their system up and running, they need engineers, they need music editors. I think that those positions are really valuable for the same reason I really enjoyed working with Mason – to just get in the door and watch. I would suggest though, that if you get in that position, set a time frame so you’re only doing that for so long. Read more…

Music Library Buyer’s Guide – Music to Your Ears

Finding the right soundtrack for your video production can be a challenge and confusing. With the right direction and a better understanding of the process, giving your video production a happy and musically appropriate ending is easier than you may think. With all the work that goes into shooting and editing a video, constructing the perfect soundtrack may be the last thing on your mind. However, when the time comes to add that depth, flavoring and ambience to your scenes through music, you may find yourself without many options. Not to worry! Read more…