Samplitude Masterclass – Creating Depth in Your Audio Mix

When recording in your home studio, it’s possible to create depth when mixing audio tracks. By adjusting the order of the various signals from front to back, you can create depth in your audio mix and make it more transparent. During mixing you can simulate various distances and achieve a placement of the instruments in space. In this way the instruments can be effectively separated in space. Read more.

Analog Recording in Digital Times

analog recordingWhile the revolution in recording technology centers on affordable digital audio workstations, the affection for the old analog traditions and sounds is more than just nostalgia.

To that end, Britain’s six-piece Band of Bees is working hard to reclaim and recapture some of the vintage sounds of legendary artists from the ‘60s and ‘70s like The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, and the Young Rascals in their recordings. Read more…