Are You Too Old to Make It?

Most musicians I know hold a dream to someday ‘make it’ in the music business. To play in front of huge crowds and live a lifestyle that they can only imagine. Many of us believe that we’ll someday get there. Unfortunately most of us find ourselves growing older with an ever increasing fear that we’re missing the boat.

We’re conditioned to believe that if we’re going to make it then we have to do it at a young age. I had already started to have this feeling when I was in my early 20’s. I felt like I was slacking because I hadn’t ‘made it’ yet. Read more…

New Study Reports on CD and Radio Popularity

Myxer just released a report from a recent study they conducted, showing some very encouraging news for independent artists. The overwhelming majority of their users are buying CDs, and just under half of them use the radio as their primary means of discovering new music.

Despite the rise in smartphone users, and increase in purchases of mobile entertainment content, traditional media channels (including packaged CDs, live events, radio and television) still remain a popular way for people to access new music and artists. Captured in the latest BoomBox report, Myxer today reveals some surprising user preferences as they relate to music purchases, behaviors and trends across its 35 million-member community.

Check out the full results on the Music Industry News Network.

Using CDs and DVDs to Boost Response

The benefits of CDs and DVDs go far beyond entertainment. They have introduced new opportunities for effective business communication. And that’s especially critical during an era when every marketing and PR expenditure is mercilessly scrutinized.

Discs offer a simple, universal means to convey information to anyone, anywhere. You have to do some serious hunting to find a household that doesn’t have a DVD player, and computer DVD drives will play everything from the latest movie releases to the earliest audio CDs. Read more…

The Power in Truth

When you started singing or playing your instrument there was probably a strong reason why you picked it up. You probably had a feeling inside of you that you needed to get out; a drive to express yourself. The only problem was that you probably lacked the skill to communicate what you wanted to express effectively to the rest of the world. Getting from that point to “success” can be a path that’s lined with challenges. Read more…

Don’t Miss Press About Your Band – Use Google Alerts

Google AlertsSo you sent out a hundred or two press packs to various newspapers, blogs, podcasts and internet radio stations. Now what? Well, following up is certainly in your best interest, but you might be surprised at how many people will start reviewing your album or playing it on their show without letting you know first. The best way to make sure you catch every press write-up or album review (or even just fans talking about you online) is to use Google Alerts. With Google Alerts, you’ll receive an email any time Google indexes a new instance or mention of your band or artist name on the web. (You can adjust your settings to specify how often you get emailed.) Read more…

Drum Sampler Picks

The new breed of drum samplers are affordable, flexible, and really easy to use. PSE takes a close look at four top programs.

For many home and project studios, the dream of setting up a full-size drum kit and inviting a drummer to “let ‘er rip” is just that. For those who don’t have the luxury of a fully isolated recording space, drums pose one of the most difficult challenges to creating realistic recordings. Read more…

An Indie That Believes in CDs

The New York Times recently published “An Indie That Believes in CDs,” an article about the Concord Music Group and their continuing success. Glen Barros, Concord’s chief executive, says their label focuses on older folks, those who are committed to “timeless and authentic” music as well as great sound quality. This, in addition to their more balanced business model – all albums in their catalog pull their own weight – has Concord on track to make more than $100 million in revenue this year.

“The future of the music business is very bright,” Mr. Barros said. “People want to listen to great music.”

Read the entire article on the New York Times site.

20 Ways To Engage Your Fans

In this day and age there’s a lot of talk about engaging with fans. Technology has changed marketing from a one way street to a two way conversation. So now that we all know that we’re supposed to engage our fans, how do we do it? I’ve created a list to help get you started with some ideas. Read more…

Using DVDs as Sales and Marketing Collateral

When it comes to communicating product information, Shaun Mymudes, national sales director for SolidCAM, thinks printed collateral pales in comparison to DVDs.

“At WESTEC (trade show produced by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers), I was walking the floor on set-up day, watching competitor after competitor – all the big guns in the game – pull out box after box of printed literature. And I thought to myself, one of the reasons we can be so competitive is because we don’t do that stuff.” Read more…

Want to Make a Living? Be Everywhere.

Selling OutThe visually-oriented blog Information is Beautiful just posted some interesting stats and graphs displaying how much independent artists must sell through various channels online in order to earn the US minimum wage. It didn’t come as any surprise to us to see CD Baby’s name come up for ALL the channels through which you can sell music to your fans, but it is nice to see what we already knew confirmed by an outside study. Read more…

Digital Branding With Music & Mobile Apps

Music-based mobile apps are one of the most powerful tools in a musician’s digital marketing arsenal. Apps are a hot commodity with customers, especially the gen-Y market. Beyond that, apps provide an avenue for deeper engagement with your audience.

In order to maximize your potential for connecting with audiences, your app must be user-friendly and addictive. You do that by providing value to users. Make it simple to use and allow opt-in subscriptions for your podcast(s). Read more…