Building A Career in Music

Build a career in musicThe first thing that musicians should do is take an honest self-assessment. There are a lot of people that run out and say, “I need a manager. I need an agent. I need…” When you’re starting from zero with one album, there’s no business; there’s nothing to manage, and no reason for a nationwide tour. There is a lot involved between making an album and establishing a real career in music. Read more.

Boost Music Sales, Accept Credit Cards

Credit Card Music SalesWhile technologies like Square are becoming more and more popular, there’s still a coolness factor – they’re new enough to elicit wide-eyed looks of wonder from grown adults (jaded New Yorkers included). For now, at least, paying for an independent album via credit card on someone’s smart phone, and signing with a swipe of your finger, is fun. Read more.

Sell More Than Just Your Music – 9 Quick Tips to Boost Gig Sales.

Your merch display doesn’t have to be attractive, but it has to be ATTRACTING! Whether you’ve pimped out a thrift-store suitcase, constructed a sleek and chic portable display, or simply spread CDs, T-shirts, and candles across one of the venue’s tables, you’ve got to make sure that something besides your undeniable musical genius catches the attention of the people in the audience. Read more…