How to tour as an indie: on the road

Touring as an IndieTouring as an indie doesn’t mean getting on a luxury bus and having a tour manager handling gigs, logistics, accommodations, and meals. Here’s some good advice on how to tour culled from loads of blog posts and articles we’ve published on touring. These highlights should get you thinking about the ins outs of how to get gigs, what an indie tour can be, and touring tips to take with you on the road. Read more and download your FREE guide.

Direct to Fan – The Art of the House Concert

You want a relationship with your fans? Why not go to their houses and play. No way to get to know people better than invading their homes and doing your thing right in the middle of their living rooms. Right?

The future is all about breaking new ground and combining that with solid business models that you can predict and work with. Here is a guest post from Fran Snyder on house concerts and what they should be a part of your future. Read more…