Essential gear to get your home recording studio off the ground

For the recording enthusiast who has endeavored to outfit space in his/her home for the purpose of recording music, step two is amassing the studio gear for the task at hand. And yes, recording equipment and accessories are much more affordable than ever, but you’re still going to spend a chunk of money before you’re ready to hang a shingle and call your buddies over to record at your project studio.

Re-amping and Your Home Studio

ampRe-amping is a recording technique that can salvage or spruce up tracks recorded in a home studio or less-than-ideal recording environment. It’s also a great way to experiment with sounds and tones without having to constantly re-record a part. You can even totally reinvent a part without compromising the original track. The basic idea is to take a recorded track, send the signal to studio monitors or an amplifier, set up a mic, and record the “re-amped” track. Read more.