How to create a compelling Facebook ad

compelling Facebook adEven though lots of indie artists are satisfied staying independent, many musicians I meet would like to get noticed by a label. Personally I don’t focus too much on “label obsessed” marketing, so you can use this same trick to reach journalists, radio stations, bloggers, and all manner of influential people who can help push your music forward. Read More.

How to Create a Facebook Event for Your Shows

How to create a Facebook Event for your showsWhen you have a show to promote, you’ll want to use every means available to promote it.

This is very easy (and effective) to do with Facebook events, however a common problem is multiple band members creating separate “event” pages for the same event. What then happens is most of the mutual friends of the band will get three or four invitations to the same event, which looks like it’s three or four different events. Read more…