How to Produce a Flawless DVD – Region Codes and Copy Protection

How to Produce a Flawless DVDWhen DVDs were introduced, studios wanted the ability to combat piracy and control release dates throughout the world. As a result, region codes were developed to restrict where (what region of the world) a DVD can be viewed. Each area of the globe is assigned its own specific number, or region code: 1. North America; 2. Europe, South Africa, Japan; 3. Far East; 4. Latin America, Australia; 5. Africa, India, Russia; 6. China; 8. In Flight Entertainment. Read more and download your FREE guide.

Fast Path to Blu-ray: Bruce Nazarian Interview, Part II

Bruce NazarianDespite justly being known as a digital jack-of-all-trades (aka Mr. Digital Guy), Bruce Nazarian thoroughly enjoys his vinyl collection, including many records he personally produced early in his rich and varied career. Much of his work has involved pushing the outer boundaries of creativity in the digital media realm – from pioneering achievements in direct-to-disk recording to evangelizing the potential and use of DVD and Blu-ray discs. Read more…