Pre-production tips for recording drums

Every studio recording should begin with pre-production, as prepping for a studio recording is the only way to take advantage of the time you have. Record yourself playing your band’s songs to understand how your tracks will come together in the studio. Review your recordings and focus on your parts to understand where improvements need to be made to lock down the tracks. Read more.

Drum Tuning Advice for Recording and Gigs

Step 1: New Heads
There is nothing like a new drum head to give you great tone to work with. I prefer the sound I get from thinner heads such as Remo’s Diplomat, FD and Thin/FD lines. The disadvantage to thinner heads is that they tend to wear out quickly. A general-duty head, such as Remo’s Ambassador line, will last longer and, if new, should sound nearly as good. For recording purposes, avoid heavy-duty heads, such as Remo’s Emperor, PinStripe, PowerStroke, and the Black, Clear or White Dot series. These are all great heads, but they are designed more for live performance and tend to constrict the sound, making it a bit flat sounding instead of bright and exciting. Read more…