Your elevator pitch should start a conversation

Artist branding and your elevator pitch While there’s no universal formula for creating an ideal musical elevator pitch, there are ways to help yourself communicate effectively in situations when you’re interacting with a potential new fan or industry contact. We’ve assembled tips from a trio of music industry professionals to help you spark productive conversations about your music — and avoid walking away with your foot in your mouth. Read more.

Back to Basics: 7 Reasons to Love Offline Marketing

Direct Mail Box and jacketsRemember what it was like in 1990 if you needed something? Say you were looking for a printer for your company brochures. In those pre-internet days it took some resourcefulness and time to find and research the right vendor. Today, you open your search engine of choice, type in a few terms, and voilå: more printers than you can shake a stick at. Thank God for Google.

Clearly, a seismic shift has occurred in how people shop, and consequently in how they market themselves. A lot of the action is happening online, but (of course) not all marketing is web-based. Read more…

What Makes a Brand?

I used to own a Lexus. A white GS400 that I bought used – or “pre-owned” as they call it. I loved that car. It was fast, quiet, and the premium Nakamichi audio system was incredible, which for a former musician is essential. A Lexus is supposed to come with all the trimmings of owning a premium brand: top notch, responsive sales reps, white glove service and repair, free loaner cars, the works. Funny thing was, for all the accolades Lexus dealers get, I was regularly disappointed by mine. Read more…