How to link to your website directly from your YouTube video

Ben Sword talks YouTube buttonsBen Sword, founder and head of brings us what he calls “the most exciting new feature in the history of YouTube features.” Now you can add an active link to your website in your video. Your video plays, a button pops up, and viewers can click on it and land on your website. That’s a pretty awesome way to increase traffic and interaction with new and existing fans. Read more.

How to create a compelling Facebook ad

compelling Facebook adEven though lots of indie artists are satisfied staying independent, many musicians I meet would like to get noticed by a label. Personally I don’t focus too much on “label obsessed” marketing, so you can use this same trick to reach journalists, radio stations, bloggers, and all manner of influential people who can help push your music forward. Read More.

build an audience on YouTube

Build a superfan base one video at a time

If you’ve done research on music marketing, you’ve heard you need to be on social media “engaging” with your fans. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure why I needed to bother until I discovered the “check move” theory, which tells us that the more positive interactions fans take with an artist, the closer the connection will be, and that will ultimately lead to more support. Read more.

A Christmas Music Marketing Miracle – The Power of Music

There is this famous restaurant in London we’ve had our eye on for years, but every time I try to book, they are totally full up and we are disappointed. This Christmas we thought we would try one more time, only to be told that “the earliest opening is in the middle of January!” So, rather downhearted, I once again had to tell wifey that her husband had failed her. But clever wifey said, “Why don’t you write them a song, and beg!” So that’s what I did… Read more.

Tasty Content Ideas For Your Email Marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to market and promote your act. But what should you actually write in your emails? Rather than getting bogged down in a load of weird sales tactics, there’s a formula for updating your fans with regular content – and giving yourself a chance of picking up a new paying customer as well. It’s fairly simple: send people a golden nugget of free content, and then link to something they can buy. With that in mind, you can use the following ideas to make sure you never run out of things to talk about. Read more.