NAMM Notes, Day 3: Peavey’s auto-tuned guitar, a new ribbon mic from AT, and another awesome stomp box

BC RIchBy Saturday, many of us are moving a bit more slowly than we were on the first day of the NAMM show. Evenings are filled with friends, live music, and a libation – or two. By day three, experienced NAMM attendees have made up a short list of products that we may have heard of from another attendee or read about in the NAMM daily, which is packed with new product announcements. Read more.

Creating a great composite vocal recording

Creating a Great Composite Vocal RecordingI’d rather not copy and paste the lead vocal track together from a number of earlier takes. I prefer to record the best sections together onto a new master composite vocal track. I listen to each section of the song and decide which of the takes offers the best performance. I assign pitch correction on each vocal track, and as I get ready to record that section to my new composite track, I can tuning make adjustments. Read more.