Thom Yorke’s Music Streaming Rebellion

Music Streaming RebellionThom Yorke, the unmistakable voice and creative force behind Radiohead and Atoms For Peace, has made his disapproval of Spotify and it’s payment model clear by removing his non-Radiohead material from the music streaming service and tweeting about it. There’s been no mention of Radiohead removing its material from Spotify, but the move has sparked a torrent of commentary, support, solidarity, and criticism. Read more.

Home Studio Recording Tips From a Pro Studio

HeadphonesEchoes talks with producer/engineer/studio owner Drew Raison for insights on how to make your home recordings sound better. Drew says, “When you’re working in a home studio, I recommend you keep it simple. Minimal equalization and minimal compression at the time of recording, because you can add that later. You can’t always undo, so try not to make unfortunate decisions at the time of recording. Read more.

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home studio mix

Your home studio mix – recording tips for better results

The mixing puzzle isn’t just a panning issue, but also a frequency issue. What frequencies are overlapping? It’s common with people who are inexperienced, you’re going to take each instrument and solo it, and you’re going to EQ and add effects and say, “Yeah! That’s the bass sound I want!” Then all of a sudden you put it into the track, and the bass sounds terrible. When you’re dealing with EQ and effects, you need to listen to it among multiple tracks to help you to carve out the space. Read more.