Homemade Speaker Stands For Any Home Studio

When mixing, it’s good to have more than one pair of speakers as a reference. When I was setting up my workstation, I decided to pull out my trusty Tannoy PBM 6.5’s and place them next to the Mackie 624’s on top of my Argosy desk. This would complete my midsize near field speaker requirements, but I needed more space for the larger speakers. I looked around for speaker stands and almost died. Hundreds of dollars for a pair of stands. No way!

Home Project Studio: Parts 3 & 4

Half-round Geometrix sound absorbersPart 3: The truth about isolation booths
We find ourselves immersed in the building of the isolation booth, after a slight delay caused by unforeseen delays.

The room is coming along well. Two dedicated 20-amp circuits have been installed for audio power. Lines have been run for lighting. The ceiling has been insulated and the outer walls are ready to be prepped for paint and wall treatments. Now that the main part of the room is taking shape, it is time to look at the ISO booth design and construction.

I had just ordered industrial felt to “float” the inner framing of the booth when I spoke to Nick Collerian at Acoustics First. Read more…

Home Project Studio: Part 1 & 2

This five-part series of articles will take a real world look at the why’s, where’s, when’s, and how’s of creating a professional-grade home recording studio. The articles will be written as things happen, and I’m sure there will be enlightening anecdotes, technical twists, and surprising turns (for you and me) as I attempt to actualize a vision that is shared by many recording enthusiasts. Read more…