Learn to listen and improve as a musician

Learn to listen and improve as a musician

As a member of multiple musical projects, I’ve discovered that even when you feel like you don’t have time, there are ways to move forward musically, steps you can take to put yourself in the best position to deliver a great performance once you step on stage or behind the glass. One of the most effective? Learn to listen. Read more.

vinyl album cover

Designing your vinyl album cover to make it pop

Even though CDs and vinyl records both make use of similarly-proportioned circles and rectangles in their design templates, each format presents unique opportunities to create graphics that your fans will love. Here are some tips from experienced designers and album manufacturing product managers to help you craft an album design worthy of the music enclosed therein. Read more.

Your elevator pitch should start a conversation

Artist branding and your elevator pitch While there’s no universal formula for creating an ideal musical elevator pitch, there are ways to help yourself communicate effectively in situations when you’re interacting with a potential new fan or industry contact. We’ve assembled tips from a trio of music industry professionals to help you spark productive conversations about your music — and avoid walking away with your foot in your mouth. Read more.