Want To Be Heard In The Crowded Indie Music Scene? Uniquify Yourself!

Take a really good look at yourself and your act and find those qualities you may have wanted to hide in the past thinking no one would like or you might have been embarrassed to show, or be, or write about. Audiences want to see something interesting, be a part of something new and exciting. The media is looking for something exciting to share with their audiences. So find your unique qualities and talk about them, let them shine, and let them propel you above the crowds of other performers. Do something interesting… uniquify yourself! Read more.

Tell a Story for Your CD Release and Beyond

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning for your new CD release: the scope of your music marketing campaign, your budget, the number of shows you’ll play, how far you are going to travel, etc. The next steps involve music promotion, and making sure you have a great story to tell. Your story will help with your markting plan to get the press to write about you and your new CD. Read more.

Creativity vs. Productivity – which comes first?

When you focus on productivity rather than creativity, your art and your business suffers because your whole reason for doing the business, expressing and sharing your creativity, loses its momentum and drive. Productivity metrics such as how many CDs you have sold, how many gigs are booked, how many Facebook fans you have, or how many tweets you’ve tweeted can leave you feeling out of sorts and divorced from your artistic self. Read more.

Follow Up or Fall Behind

There is an art and a science to business follow-ups, and it’s a valuable part of a career plan.

Persistent and consistent follow-up is one of the key elements to a successful music career. This holds true whether you are trying to book a gig, land an interview with a local or major paper, get a record deal, or find an agent or a manager. If you simply send out your promotional packets and wait for a response, forget it – you won’t get a call back. Read more…