Green Living as an Indie Musician

While the music industry isn’t typically singled out as a major environmental offender, gas, plane rides, electricity for amps and mixing boards, and trash from food packaging are just a few ways we indie musicians carve out our dreaded carbon footprint. And as folks with some prominence and the capacity to play to crowds, we have the ability to make others (our audience) more conscious of ways to go green by speaking up and setting an example. Read more.

The Weight of “Opportunity” (or, could the music industry ruin my wedding?)

If you thought the music industry was the only line of business where men are a majority, small opportunities are seized with desperate passion, money is hard to come by (unless you’re in the top 1%), and you live and breathe your passion… it ain’t. This Fall, I’m getting married to a mountain guide, and let me tell you, the mountain guiding industry is exactly the same. Read more.

Busting Through the Plateau – or, How To Get a Music Career Back on Track

As a musician I wake up every day and say, “What am I going to do today that will push my music career forward?” The worst feeling is when I can’t answer that question. Like now. I’m at a point where I feel like I’ve reached out to all of my music industry contacts, tapped out my fans, and done everything I can think of doing. I know there is more to be done and I don’t know what it is, and I’ve reached some creative/career exhaustion that’s making me not want to do anything, anyway. Long story short: I’m stuck. Read more.

Freshen Up Your Live Show – 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Live Music Performance

Spring cleaning is not just for ridding your closets of worn sneakers, destroying dust bunnies, and scrubbing windows. I like to take the “It’s spring, I MUST clean something” energy and put it towards something other than the grossest stuff in my apartment. This year, it was my live show.

There are lots of reasons to want to freshen up your live show. Maybe you hit a point where you are performing songs off your new-but-not-that-new record and feel like the show is getting stagnant – not just for you but for your fans. Or maybe you feel like you haven’t found the sweet spot of what your live show should be. Perhaps you want to experiment a bit but don’t know how. Read more.

Balancing songwriting, your music career, and a business plan – and how to have productive patience

I work in waves. I can write a ton of songs in a few months then nothing. I used to freak out that my songwriting creativity was gone forever. Now I know this is just how I work. I have three phases of my music career process: the touring, the creative and songwriting, and the business. They seem to weave in and out of each other. When I’m in touring mode or song writing mode, I’m never really psyched about booking, making phone calls, or sending emails. When my touring and creative spurts are over, I kick my music business plan into high-gear.
Read more.