Give fans more reasons to buy your music

How to sell more musicIn a world driven by social media, fans want to know what you’re up to, what you did today, and what you were thinking about when you wrote the lyrics to your latest single. In the new industry, this is where much of the value lies. Fans don’t need more ways to buy new music; they need more reasons to. Give them an invitation into the journey and you’d better believe they’ll pay to gain that kind of access. Read more.

Fan funding takes the risk out of a risky business

Fan funding minimizes your risk Fan funding through direct-to-fan platforms puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to make proactive decisions at every turn. No longer do you have to wait until after your album releases to see how fans will respond to it, who’s going to buy it and – gulp – if you will in fact be able to tackle the surmounting debt you’ve accrued in the process of recording, producing, mixing, mastering, marketing, and distributing. Read more.

Fan Funding: Should You Ask Your Fans for Money?

Fan funding with PledgeMusicIn our experience working with artists from Ben Folds to the Beach Boys, we’ve found that fans want to be a part of a journey — the entire journey. If I love your music, I don’t just want to pre-order your new record. I also want to get a signed copy of the record and possibly a painting you made just for me. I may also want to meet you for dinner or see my name in the album credits. Read more.