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Live music shows: Performance and preparation tips

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Whether you’re gearing up to perform for the first time, getting back into the swing of things, or a seasoned pro, we’ve got performance and prep tips to help you make the most of your live music shows.

live music shows vocal prepA three-day pre-performance plan for singers
If you follow the performance prep tips for singers included in this three-day plan, you’ll be prepared for every gig.

live music shows improvisationMusical improvisation: how to make music in the moment
Becoming fluent with musical improvisation is an attainable goal. Here are some tips to help you grow in that direction and to make your own music improv shine.

live music shows avoiding hotelsAvoiding hotels: How to save money while touring
Hotels can be a huge expense and take a big bite out of the money you make on tour, but they don’t have to. These ideas provide free places to crash and friendships that last a lifetime.

make he most of live music showsHow to make the most of your live music shows
How do you sell out your live music shows, especially if you’re just starting out? Here are some low-cost techniques which are within reach of every musician.

managing weather at live music showsWeather contingencies for your next outdoor gig
Weather can play an adverse or inspirational role in outdoor gigs. Either way, be prepared for anything.

looping at live music showsThree approaches to live looping
From tight grooves to swirls of sound, live looping can open up huge opportunities for musical creativity. These three approaches will get you started.

looping at live music showsReady to try live looping? Where do you start?
With the right gear, timing, and technique, a solo performer can summon multi-layered sounds worlds beyond the limits of a single instrument or voice. Here’s what you need to get started.

preserve your voice for live music showsHow to preserve and protect your voice before a performance (or rehearsal)
There are lots of common-sense things you should do as a vocalist to keep your instrument in top shape to perform.

roles at live music showsDon’t do it alone: Live music event roles
We focus on live music event roles so you can learn how to leverage key services and expertise to help you delegate work so you can focus on creating and performing music.

big live music showsRamping up for the big gig
When you’re planning for a big gig, use these strategies to prepare and practice so you play, perform, stream, and record with success.

great live music showsWork To Create A Killer Live Show
To create a show that packs the house, you have to do more than just play your recorded music live. You have an entire stage to create a spectacle that makes an emotional connection.

grow your mailing list at live music showsTips for growing your mailing list at the gig
These tips can minimize headaches and maximize success when it comes to connecting with your audience and growing your mailing list at your live shows.

watch yourself perform at live music showsHow watching yourself perform can elevate your music
Watching yourself while you perform or practice can help you elevate your music and performance, so find opportunities to gaze while you play and learn from what you see.

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