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Singing tips for vocalists in every genre

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Our singing tips — from singing technique to performance advice, recording tips and warm ups — will put you on the road to being a better vocalist. Read up and sing better today!

Singing technique

Woman on stage applying these singing tipsSinging tips from an expert vocal coach
Veteran vocal coach Cari Cole shares five singing tips to help beginners and experienced singers sound better during rehearsals and performances.

online vocal lessonsAre online vocal lessons right for you?
There are many reasons why finding a local, experienced vocal teacher might not work for you, so an online vocal program might be your best option. I took the “Master Your Voice” online class from Ramsey Voice Studio to get a taste of what online vocal lessons can do.

natural vocal effectsAdd natural vocal effects to your songs
From breathy voice to falsetto, vocal fry to belting and vibrato, vocal effects can be used to add variety and spice to your songs. But, be careful not to overuse them — there should always be a reason you’re singing with a specific vocal effect.

natural vocal effectsFalsetto, vibrato, and other natural vocal effects
Natural vocal effects are one of the best ways to stand out as a singer. These five vocal effects add variety and flavor to your live and recorded performances.

Performance Advice

vocal recording sessionHow to prepare for a vocal recording session
There are techniques you can employ and routines to follow to make sure you’re sounding your absolute best. Matt Ramsey gives advice on preparing your voice for a recording session.

vocal warm upHow to organize a set as a vocal warm-up
You might not always have time for a vocal warm-up before a performance, and if you’re playing a three-hour gig, a warm-up might be a good way to tire yourself out. Vocal coach Matt Ramsey explains how to organize your set list to help you warm up as a vocalist.

protect your voiceHow to preserve and protect your voice before a performance (or rehearsal)
There are lots of common-sense things you should do as a vocalist to keep your instrument in top shape to perform.

Recording vocals

recording studioAre you ready to return to the recording studio?
A return to regular activities might mean you’ll be stepping into a recording studio for the first time in many months. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your recording session.

great vocal takeGetting a great vocal take in the studio
Capturing the ultimate vocal performance can require push and pull between the producer and talent. The tact and technique of the producer plays a pivotal role in recording a great vocal take.

tracking vocalsTracking vocals one phrase at a time
It’s great when a vocal performance happens in one cohesive take, but not every session goes that way. Sometimes, a modular strategy is required when tracking vocals.

tracking vocalsTracking vocals: Making a phrase-by-phrase approach work
If you are planning a phrase-by-phrase approach to tracking vocals in a studio, here are some tips to help make your experience a success.

vocal tuningWhen it comes to vocal tuning, one size does not fit all
Choose the vocal tuning and pitch-correction tools, techniques, and workflow that will give your music the finished vibe you’re looking for.

General vocal advice

vocal warm upNeed a vocal warm-up? Try using your favorite songs.
While a vocal warm-up is always a good idea before a rehearsal, gig, or recording session, it doesn’t have to only include scales and vocal exercises.

your voicePicking the perfect song for your voice
Picking songs that fit your voice is one of the most important skills you can have as a singer. But if you’re just starting out, how can you tell if a song is actually good for your voice?

vocal coachWhat do you want from a vocal coach?
Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter interview A-list vocal coach Mindy Pack to discuss vocal health, vocal technique, and various critical topics that relate to improving your vocals.

vocal recording adviceVocal recording advice for the experimental at heart
Want to launch a counterattack against homogenous music? This vocal recording advice can be the place to start.

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