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As 2021 approaches, we’re sharing the Top 10 articles of 2020 that Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, AKA the “Music Money Guys,” contributed with a focus on making money with your music.

Making Money With MusicAs we head into 2021, it’s a great time to look back and share the top 10 articles from the “Music Money Guys”, Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, authors of Making Money With Music and the free Disc Makers guide, How to Make More Money with Music: The Complete Guide.

The duo contributed over 20 posts for the Disc Makers Blog in between remotely teaching about the music business as adjunct university professors, consulting with musicians online, and attending virtual speaking engagements across the country. With the onset of the pandemic, their 2020 articles pivoted to tactics musicians could employ to earn money while on lockdown, improve their streaming videos, pull off virtual performances, and build their music career during these difficult times.

1. Improving the audio in your streaming broadcasts and videos
During this difficult time while people the world over are sheltering in place, they’re still looking to connect with one another and find entertainment. Music is one critical way you can help bring people together and spread some comfort, enjoyment, and relief. This post helps with making the most of the audio in your streams, and its companion piece, “Easy fixes to improve the lighting in your videos,” helps with the lighting.

2. How To Produce A Compelling Live Stream Show
Creating compelling live shows goes beyond simply setting up a camera and performing like you do on stage. Use these techniques to help you create a better performance, get more viewers, and make more money from your streaming show.

3. License your music (and generate revenue)
Getting your music licensed is a fantastic way to boost your income and get exposure, and more independent musicians are scoring licensing deals for film, TV, movie trailers, and commercials than ever. To help generate these opportunities, you need to understand how licensing works; learn how music is chosen for TV shows, movies, and other audio-visual works; and get your music in front of the right people.

4. & 5. Maximizing Your Revenue When Streaming Part I and Part II
Many musicians are transitioning their live shows to live streams from their homes. Even though you’re not in-person, there are still many ways to make money from live streams, and some aren’t even available when playing live.

6. Revenue streams for the working musician
It turns out the old saying “it takes money to make money” isn’t true when it comes to making money with music. There are many music revenue streams you could be tapping into that cost $0 up front and still lead to new ways to generate income. Since they don’t cost anything out-of-pocket, why not start tapping them right now and see if you can earn more income? You’ll start earning profit from the first dollar that comes in.

How to 
Make More Money With Music, the Complete Guide

7. Using Niches to Grow Your Fanbase
To build or grow your following and help others discover your music, you should target niches. To market effectively, you need to know your target niche’s culture, language, in-jokes, influencers, and the type of entertainment they love.

8. & 9. Tailor Your Music Marketing Campaigns For Different Types Of Media Part I and Part II
To boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you need to understand the four different types of media channels: owned, shared, paid, and earned. Each one requires different approaches to make your marketing successful. In this two part article, Feehan and Chertkow explain what each channel is and how to use them to message your music effectively.

10. How To Advance Your Music Career (And Music Business) By Taking Little Bets
This article explores the three bets you can take that can pay off big, especially when you have little to no resources. Building your music business shouldn’t require you to take out a huge loan or go deep into debt, especially since most music services you can use to get your music into the world are inexpensive or free. By using the strategies outlined in this article you can create inexpensive experiments, evaluate what works, and build from there.

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For an even deeper dive into every aspect of music and your music business, be sure to check out Feehan and Chertkow’s book, Making Money With Music, which is packed with practical, how-to steps to tap into key revenue streams to help you make as much money as you can with your music.

Feehan and Chertkow also authored a free guide for Disc Makers this year, How to Make More Money with Music. Download your copy today!

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