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One of the drivers of any successful career (music or otherwise) is developing the necessary expertise in your field. Where and how do you gather that information for your music career? Here’s a place to start.

As a music artist, if you want to have a long, successful career, you need to develop expertise in the many aspects of your music career, including songwriting, performing, and the business side of music. The more in-the-know you are, the more likely you are to be successful.

So, what are you doing to build up your expertise as a musician, songwriter, artist, and marketer of your music? Here’s a list of some of our favorite newsletters for musical artists that can help you learn more and build your understanding of what it takes to be successful in the new music industry. Check them out and subscribe to as many of them as you can handle!

Songwriting newsletters

The key to success in songwriting comes from studying the greats. Find out who wrote some of your favorite songs and start listening to all their compositions to find their secrets. Listen to the hits over the ages to learn the rules and formulas for hit songwriting — and then feel free to break them. There are so many songwriting resources out there, here are a just a couple of my favorites.

Steve Seskin

Steve Seskin is a terrific songwriter and storyteller in Nashville who offers a great educational program.

Jai Josefs

Jai Josefs is a songwriter and coach who offers books, online programs, and in-person appearances.

Performance newsletters

Believe it or not, a compelling performance takes a lot more work than just carrying your instruments up on stage, plugging in, and playing your songs. Study what makes a great live performance and apply it to your act, whatever the genre or scale.

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is an absolute master at turning ho-hum live performances into experiences that audiences will remember forever.

Music business newsletters

The music business never stops evolving, and neither does the news. The best newsletters don’t just keep you informed, they explain, educate, and help you advance your career.

Disc Makers Newsletter

You know us, we know you… and we want you to succeed. Our newsletter combines tips, advice, and information for today’s independent musician that spans just about every element of the indie music industry, from songwriting to marketing, music business to live performance, and more. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog’s home page and subscribe to get our weekly newsletter.

CD Baby’s DIY Musician Newsletter

This is an awesome resource from our friends and partners at CD Baby with actionable information and resources for emerging artists, including helpful how-to info and industry insights.

Mark Mulligan’s Music Industry Blog

Mark Mulligan’s blog offers the most intelligent and in-depth new music industry analysis I’ve found.

Music Business Worldwide (MBW)

MBW produces an insightful news and analysis newsletter about the new music industry with a global perspective.


Hypebot provides daily news and commentary on the music industry with guest posts from a huge range of industry pros.

Your Morning Coffee

A handy compilation of links to all the music industry news from the past week, Your Morning Coffee comes straight from industry insider and music manager Jay Gilbert.

Digital Music News: The Daily Snapshot

Sometimes snarky, sometimes gossipy, sometimes sensationalistic, DMN’s Daily Snapshot is always early with music industry news and analysis.

Of course, building expertise takes a lot more than reading newsletters and blogs, but it’s a good start. Networking, attending workshops and conferences, and just getting out there and making, recording, performing, and promoting your music will all help you get there.

Ready to get going?

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