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What music industry career matches your personality? [Infographic]

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It’s not a mystery that many musicians don’t have the personality to cut it as a business or music manager as their music industry career. It’s also clear that not everyone interested in music has the personality suited for the limelight. The good news is the music business is a $15.6 billion industry, so there’s lots of room for whatever personality you’re bringing to the party. It’s not a coincidence that the following infographic is brought to you by College Match Up, a website designed to fit personality types to the right colleges. This infographic does the same thing, matching personality types to different positions within the music industry.

The acronym indicators are from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for personality theory:

  • E = Extraversion / I = Introversion
  • S = Sensing / N = Intuition
  • T = Thinking / F = Feeling
  • J = Judging / P = Perceiving

Who knows? Maybe you’ve got a future in concert promotion… after you’ve scored that #1 hit, of course.

MusicCareers Personality [Infographic]

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3 thoughts on “What music industry career matches your personality? [Infographic]

  1. I’m a instrumentalist writer for guitar and piano ! My expertise is in using my subconcious mind to work out melodies to different and sometimes unconventional beets , songs from many Genre ! I also teach other writers to do this ! I like experimenting with different time structures with the same melody tell I get the click match up ! It’s also very interesting and fun to do this with your subconcious mind ! I multitask writing several songs at the same time no less then three ! I go threw a song refinement day by day process of at least two months for three songs !
    My other intrest are sound engineering matching up singers to frequencies and parameters of their voice ! My Daughter’s rock in role bands always need my help getting her sound right ! Sound engineering can make or brake you ! Singers need to know all about their own voice peramitors to keep from being taken advantage of ! I’ve seen this over and over and over again on talent shows ! They turn it up ( matching it to the voice ) for the ones they want to win and screw it up for the ones they want to loose ! Sound use extremely critical and know one ever knows enough about it ! It’s extremely important to keep up with sound tech ! Sound tech is ever changing !
    Thanks for the info ! I’ll defiantly speed it around !

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