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Every music genre in one incredible interactive infographic

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Concert Hotels has a host of fantastic infographics, and 100 Years of Rock connects every popular music genre from 1910 to 2015 in one interactive blast.

This is one of the most amazing infographics I’ve ever seen. It’s a fairly exhaustive exploration of just about every music genre you can imagine – and a ton you’ve never heard of – with music clips and animation to help you connect any given music genre to its influences and the styles it spawned. Click on the graphic to go to and explore this awesome audio tour of music history. And let us know if you noticed any they’ve missed.

Click image to see and hear the full interactive music graphic (via Concert Hotels).

The Musician's Guide to Vinyl

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12 thoughts on “Every music genre in one incredible interactive infographic

  1. Good job! It gives a quite general idea but, like any generalizarion, it lacks detail. Being a jazz lover, I miss the Cool, Bebop, Hardbop, Modal, Fusion and Neoclassic eras/styles.

    1. Great infographic! I hope it’s still evolving: how about Bebop? Huge influence, spawning Hard Bop. Also, Ambient? Could be linked to Avant-Garde. Also, let’s never forget its less expert offspring: Avant-Garde a Clue!

  2. Neat info-graphic! They fit a lot in including some I have never heard of! Off the top of my head, how about just plain Pop (you have Indie Pop, Pop Rock, Country Pop and Pop Punk) and New Age? There is New Age Rock after all. Why not bring us up to 2010 since it is 2015 now and include K-Pop from Korea, C-Pop from China, J-Pop from Japan, Hindi Pop, Indian Pop and SynthPop? How about House music? Rap (you have Rap Core, Rap Rock, and Rap Metal), Folk (you have Mexican, Hawaiian, Appalachian, Folk Rock, NeoFolk and AngloCeltic), Symphonic (you have Symphonic Rock). How about Rai (Arabic Folk and Rock)? I don’t think Experimental made the info-graphic but it made the menu at the bottom. These categories may not really exist, but we can all think of examples for Protest, Boy Band, Girl Band, Diva, and Smooth Seventies sounds. Thanks for the quick and engaging summary!

    1. I love it, I think it’s a demonstration of evolution more than just genre. I think it also shows the impact of the internet and access to even hear music from around the world. I have no doubt that in each country there is a myriad of music that we may not even know of and as artists continue to create there is a lot more to come.

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