Record Store Day 2015 Releases: The Spotify Playlist

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We’ve created a Spotify playlist to help you gear up for National Record Store Day 2015 coming up on April 18th

Our Spotify playlist is based on the Record Store Day 2015 releases
Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th) is almost upon us! The full list of exclusive Record Store Day 2015 releases has finally been published and is available for download.

There are three categories on this list:

Record Store Day Exclusive Releases
Exclusively available on Record Store Day at participating stores. These releases will not be available anywhere else in the same format.

Record Store Day Limited Run/Regional Focus Releases
Also exclusively available on Record Store Day at participating stores, but they may not be distributed nationally, or the quantities of these titles are extremely limited (1,000 copies and under – way under in some cases). Record Store Day has put these titles on a special sub-list, so that the odds of finding such releases are clear.

“Record Store Day First” Release
These are titles that you can find on Record Store Day at participating stores, so you can get a first listen. At some later point, generally four to six weeks after Record Store Day, these titles will be available at other retailers.

In honor of the annual event, we’ve created a Spotify playlist to get you in the mood for some crate digging and special release hunting. Follow us on Spotify as “discmakers” and check out our Record Store Day 2015 playlist.

Which Record Store Day releases are you most excited about? Let us know if the comments below!

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