Improve your music marketing campaign with these tips

Improve your music marketing campaigns

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There is a focused way and an unfocused way to execute music marketing campaigns. These 10 tips will help keep you focused and improve your music marketing.

Direct marketing is the process of bypassing intermediaries to communicate directly with fans, build awareness, and generate sales. Emailing tour dates, texting announcements about contests, and posting website links to your fund raisers are all direct marketing methods. Even phoning reminders about your show and mailing postcards about your record release are methods of direct marketing. But there’s so more to direct marketing then just hitting “send.” Without careful planning, you may get zero results. To increase your return on your future music marketing campaigns, read these ten tips.

Test your music marketing campaigns

Before putting a direct marketing campaign into full swing and sending out 5,000 messages (emails, postcards, text messages), conduct research and get feedback on a small sample group. For instance, you might create three different headlines and test a different one on each of three similar groups of people (30 or more per group if possible). The headline that produces the highest response rate in the shortest amount of time should be the one you send to your larger list.

Use multiple direct music marketing campaign methods with optimum timing

Don’t just rely on one method of promotion, try to use two or three. This is known as multi-channel marketing. For instance, you might send out an email to your list two weeks before a show, send out postcards one week before the show, and call key fans two nights before the show. Since the recipients are hearing about your gig through a number of different sources, one after the other, you can optimize your results.

Provide several ways to respond

Include a number, address, email, URL, and “text to” number to provide a number of different ways by which your target customers can respond. People communicate differently. Providing various response mechanisms increases your chances for success.

Pay for the return response

Depending on the type of correspondence, you might also consider paying for the response. You can leave an 800 number, SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) or a postage paid BRC (Business Reply Card) addressed to you. The easier you make it for people to respond, the better.

Investigate mailing rates

Contact the United States Postal Service (USPS) and speak with a direct mail specialist. He/she will help find the best solutions to save you money by weighing, for instance, the difference between first class mail and bulk mail. The more you can bring down your costs, the better.

Send direct promotions and/or gifts with the product

Should people respond to an offer and order a T-shirt or record, make the most out of your mailing costs and the trip to the post office, and send additional promotional materials for other products/events in the same package. You might even try to include a small free gift like a sticker or patch to make your fans super happy and motivated to spread the word about you.

Send offers people need, when they need it

If you have the right data collected, you might strive to send a birthday card and discount offer for your products to those having a birthday in the coming month. Or, you might send a customized offer to attend a club show along with a drink coupon to those fans who are turning 21 and are now of the legal drinking age. The result of this type of music marketing campaign is, “Wow, this is exactly what I needed.”

Keep your lists updated

Statistics say that over 18% of the information in databases need updating each year. It is absolutely important to your success that you maintain your lists and keep them current.

Look into email marketing programs

Be sure to look into a number of different email services. When handling large lists (over 500 names), you might have problems with emails bouncing and keeping your list organized and up-to-date. Check out companies like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and FanBridge.

Be patient

Remember that your direct music marketing campaigns can have a residual effect. A person may not respond to one of your emails or phone calls immediately, but they may remember you and get in touch down the line.

A renowned drummer, teacher, consultant, and Disc Makers contributor, Bobby Borg is the author of Music Marketing For The DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack On A Limited Budget (September 2014, Hal Leonard). The book is available on the Hal Leonard website,, or at

The contents of this post are © 2014 by Bobby Borg All rights reserved. Not to be posted, printed, or used in any other way without proper attribution to Bobby Borg and Disc Makers.

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