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Our singing tips — from recording advice to vocal health maintenance … from improving your performances to honing your vocal technique — will put you on the road to being a better vocalist. These tips cover rock, R&B, hip hop and every genre you perform in. Read up and enjoy!

Updated November 2021.

Technique Performance Advice
How to sing better right now: Singing tips from an expert vocal coach
Veteran vocal coach Cari Cole shares five singing tips to help beginners and experienced singers sound better during rehearsals and performances.
How to prepare for a vocal recording session
As a vocalist, there are techniques you can employ and routines you can follow to make sure you’re sounding your absolute best. Matt Ramsey gives advice on how to prepare your voice for a recording session.
Are online vocal lessons right for you?
There are many reasons why finding a local, experienced vocal teacher might not work for you, so an online vocal program might be your best option. I took the “Master Your Voice” online class from Ramsey Voice Studio to get a taste of what online vocal lessons can do.
How to organize a set as a vocal warm-up
You might not always have time for a vocal warm-up before a performance, and if you’re playing a three-hour gig, a warm-up might be a good way to tire yourself out. Vocal coach Matt Ramsey explains how to organize your set list to help you warm up as a vocalist.
Add natural vocal effects to your songs
From breathy voice to falsetto, vocal fry to belting and vibrato, vocal effects can be used to add variety and spice to your songs. But, be careful not to overuse them — there should always be a reason you’re singing with a specific vocal effect.
How to preserve and protect your voice before a performance (or rehearsal)
There are lots of common-sense things you should do as a vocalist to keep your instrument in top shape to perform, and as performance opportunities will be returning soon, it’s worth reminding ourselves of some of the basics.
Falsetto, vibrato, and other natural vocal effects you should master
Natural vocal effects are one of the best ways to stand out as a singer. These five vocal effects add variety and flavor to your live and recorded performances.
Ditch the stage fright and boost your stage presence
You love singing, you’ve been preparing for years, and finally that opportunity has come. But when the day arrives, you’re feeling like saying yes to this opportunity was the worst decision you’ve made in your life.
How and when to use falsetto in R&B vocals
Falsetto can be a great tool in your R&B vocal arsenal, but knowing when and how to use it makes all the difference when learning how to sing R&B.
Performance tips for singers: Q&A with Cari Cole
Veteran vocal coach Cari Cole fields questions about how vocalists can prepare for a show as well as offering performance tips for singers to maintain your voice over the long haul.
Video: Vocal warm ups for your upper register
Learn vocal exercises for singers in our videos for vocalists series. Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific professor Daniel Ebbers explores the upper register in these vocal warm ups videos.
Performance tips for singers: My three day plan
If you follow the performance tips for singers included in this Three Day Plan, you’ll be prepared for every gig and you’ll never look back!
Video: Vocal warm ups for singing to connect breath, vibration, and resonance
Daniel Ebbers, voice instructor at the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific, shares insights and vocal exercises for voice resonance and connecting the breath in our video series for vocalists.
Preparing to perform live
Success onstage begins with comfort in your own skin and with your own music. Your identity when you perform live onstage has to come across as authentic to the audience.
Stop Shredding Your Vocal Cords
Veteran vocal coach Cari Cole talks about proper vocal care and five things you can do to avoid major vocal health issues.
How to sing without straining your voice – night after night
Be prepared for the road, and you’ll love every minute of it. As a vocalist, this means you have to learn to care for your instrument and sing without straining if you want to be in this for the long haul.
Improve Your Singing: Make Vocal Exercises A Morning Ritual
Daily vocal exercises will improve your singing and produce lasting results.
Sick for the gig? Here are tips to get through the show in one piece.
Here are some practical tips to help you deal when stars (and germs) align to make you sick for the gig you’ve been looking forward to play.
Elevate your vocal performance: focus on rhythm and intention
In a standout vocal performance, how you end a note is as important as how you attack it, and rhythm and intention can be as relevant as note choice and intonation
How to survive four hour marathon gigs
Not everyone wants to play marathon gigs, but a deep love of music and a desire to share it can make this a great way to get paid for doing what you love.
General Advice Recording Vocals
Need a vocal warm-up? Try using your favorite songs.
While a vocal warm-up is always a good idea before a rehearsal, gig, or recording session, it doesn’t have to only include scales and vocal exercises.
Are you ready to return to the recording studio?
A return to regular activities might mean you’ll be stepping into a recording studio for the first time in many months. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your recording session.
Picking the perfect song for your voice
Picking songs that fit your voice is one of the most important skills you can have as a singer. But if you’re just starting out, how can you tell if a song is actually good for your voice?
Getting a great vocal take in the studio
Capturing the ultimate vocal performance can require push and pull between the producer and talent. The tact and technique of the producer plays a pivotal role in recording a great vocal take.
What do you want from a vocal coach?
Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter interview Salt Lake City-based A-list vocal coach Mindy Pack to discuss vocal health, vocal technique, and various critical topics that relate to improving your vocals.
When it comes to vocal tuning, one size does not fit all
Choose the vocal tuning and pitch-correction tools, techniques, and workflow that will give your music the finished vibe you’re looking for.
The Star-Spangled Banner: how to sing it right
A performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” can be a powerful musical experience when done right and a national embarrassment if things go wrong. Consider this advice if you’re ever called to perform it.
Tracking vocals one phrase at a time
It’s great when a vocal performance can be recorded in one cohesive take, but not every session will succeed with this approach. Sometimes, a modular strategy is required when tracking vocals.
Vocal recording advice for the experimental at heart
Want to launch a counterattack against homogenous music? This vocal recording advice can be the place to start.
Tracking vocals: Making a phrase-by-phrase approach work
If you are planning a phrase-by-phrase approach to tracking vocals in a studio, here are some tips to help make your experience a success.
Maintaining vocal health for singers
Could Kanye West, Meghan Trainor, Sam Smith, and Chad Kroeger have avoided their recent vocal issues? We have tips for maintaining vocal health for singers.
Getting great results when you’re the singer AND producer in your home studio
When you’re simultaneously artist and engineer, singer and producer, there are plenty of steps you can take to lay the groundwork for a successful recording session.
Stage and studio advice from a vocal producer
A vocal producer is a specialist who concentrates on getting the best vocal performance possible. These eight tips come from a seasoned pro and will help you focus on how to bring your best vocal performance to the stage and studio.
10 ways to lay the groundwork for an amazing vocal recording session
Nailing a transcendent vocal recording can seem like trying to capture lightning in a bottle — but the whole process need not be mysterious or intimidating. Here are a few tips to get you started.
The many roads to an authentic vocal style
From deep-throated, battlefield rumbles to pure, soaring tenor lines, there are many different ways to be an effective singer with an authentic vocal style. Find the direction that works for you, your instrument, your band, and your music.
Recording vocals in a home studio
These simple tips will help you get the best results when you’re recording vocals in your home studio.
How to deliver great rock vocals — and stay healthy doing it
Warming up, knowing your instrument, and practicing relentlessly are among the singing tips from Saigon Kick’s Matt Kramer when it comes to delivering great rock vocals.
Mixing vocals in your home studio
Mixing vocals in your home studio can be one of the more exciting stages in the recording process,. It can also be a complex challenge. Work to construct the instruments around the vocal so that everything gets to shine.
More thoughts on delivering great rock vocals
Though many might think rock vocalists are the rebels of the music family, singing rock vocals requires the same care and practice as any other music genre.
Mixing rap vocals to cut through the music track
When mixing rap vocals, getting the vocal to cut through the music track is key. In this video, you’ll see how to treat your tracks so nothing gets lost.
Set goals for your vocal lessons
Getting the most from vocal lessons requires you to set goals, be prepared, and do your homework.
How to get a great vocal sound in your home studio
To get a great vocal sound in your home studio, you need to concentrate on these five technical elements – assuming you’ve got a vocalist who can deliver and a space ready to set and capture the mood. Check out this video for a high-impact, commonsense recording tutorial.
Eight Ways to Improve Your Vocal Health
Your voice is an instrument housed inside your body, and taking care of your mind and body is essential to optimal vocal health.
How to deliver great R&B vocals in the studio and on stage
A lot goes into delivering and learning how to sing R&B vocals. In this post singer and producer Alvin Fields gives advice on choosing material, delivering vibrato, and owning your riffs.
Singing Tips – A Vocal Warm Up Is Key To A Great Vocal Performance
This excerpt from The Vocalist’s Guide to Recording, Rehearsing, and Performing focuses on the importance of warming up before a vocal performance.
Five tips for recording vocals at home
Vocals are a critical element of most any recording. Here are five easy tips to help you improve the workflow in your home studio when recording vocals.
Singing Tips – Don’t Tax Your Voice Before a Vocal Performance
Resting before a vocal performance is key, but environmental things, like being in a place where the decibel level is too high, can adversely affect your capacity to sing.
Producing great hip hop vocals
If you produce hip hop music and hip hop vocals, these production tips from Grammy-nominated Ken Lewis can help make your experience recording and mixing hip hop vocals and your final product a whole lot better.
Vocal Health Basics – How to Properly Care for Your Voice
Vocal health is often taken for granted, but problems can stop you dead in your tracks, so it’s important to understand how to keep your voice in good health.
Creating a Great Composite Vocal Recording
We take a look at the techniques used to create composite lead vocal tracks, referred to as “comping” the lead vocal by studio engineers.

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