Vinyl record sales are on the rise

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Vinyl records are trending UP in sales and popularity, and it isn’t just the old folks fueling the resurgence

vinyl record sales are up in 2013Here’s a 2013 music trend that doesn’t involve viral videos, flying dresses, or wrecking balls: the vinyl record is making a comeback. That’s right, I called it a comeback.

It’s happening in the US and abroad. There’s much ado about how vinyl records sales have more than doubled this year in the UK, and according to a post on, "[Vinyl] LPs now account for 0.8% of albums sold in the UK. Six years ago, that figure was just 0.1%"

Of course, that’s a small percentage of overall music sales, but it’s a trend that may continue to gain traction. USA Today’s profile on Record Store Day’s Black Friday event includes this nugget on who’s leading the vinyl trend.

"‘When Record Store Day started (in 2007), the average customer age was 49, and now it’s 23,’ [Record Store Day co-founder Michael] Kurtz says, estimating that consumers younger than 25 buy 70% of vinyl sold. ‘Vinyl has had a huge resurgence, especially this year, and it’s the young generation’s thing. They’ve adopted it.’"

In the first six months of 2013, according to Nielsen SoundScan, vinyl record sales were up 33.5%.

So don’t sell your turntable just yet. Vinyl records are not just a retro quirk of an aging generation — they may be the hot trend of the future.

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