Improve Your Singing: Make Vocal Exercises A Morning Ritual

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Vocal warm ups will imporve your singing

Daily vocal exercises will improve your singing and produce lasting results

This post on vocal exercises to improve your singing originally appeared on Cari Cole’s “Standing in the Spotlight” blog. Reprinted with permission.

I know getting a regular vocal practice is hard. There just always seems to be something more pressing, right? Believe it or not, I was no good at doing my vocal exercises – until the day I made one simple rule for myself.

I figured out the magic answer to my problem, the perfect solution to my procrastination. At that time I was a waitress and was attending music school and the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was to do my vocal exercises or practice vocal technique – I just wanted to sing. So I decided the perfect solution was to get it out of the way before I left the house in the morning. That way, I could rest assured that my practice had been taken care of and I could have fun at night singing my songs and working on my performance. And I was staunch about it. No excuses. No warm-up, no way could I leave the house. This was a hard and fast rule. And it came after lots of frustration over NOT practicing. And it worked!

I’m not sayin’ this is easy, but it’s do-able. And if it’s important to you, then my recommendation is to just DO IT. Wake up early, get the kids out the door, or take your shower the night before or whatever you need to do to make it happen!

When you move to doing daily vocal exercises, big changes start to happen. Your muscles become stronger in a safe, consistent, gradual way and you have lasting results. You can’t just run a 10K cause you trained a few days in the last month. Your voice needs and deserves the same kind of devotion.

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Advice for your vocal exercisesCari Cole is one of the most respected and in-demand vocal coaches, technique teachers and clinicians, and artist development experts in the music industry. Cari’s client list includes Grammy winners, American Idol finalists, legendary rock stars, major and indie label artists, and thousands of aspiring and emerging artists. With a passion for holistic health and 25+ years experience teaching technique and finding solutions for singing voices in New York City, Cari is currently writing a manual on vocal health for singers, actors, public speakers and entrepreneurs.

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  1. and Cari Cole has the pipes to back it up; the analogy of offsetting a routine requirement gives a bit of extra time to use ala her 10K analogy. A pragmatic article and I appreciated the reminder!

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