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Industry advice to music entrepreneurs can help your music career

Marcus Taylor at Venture Harbour asked 30 people in the music industry to give one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Of course, most everything included translates to building a music career and is definitely worth a read. Echoes’ Andre Calilhanna is among those polled, and his insights are to "continually re-prioritize."

"Keep a running check list and continually re-prioritize. You need to define your goals, and the steps involved in reaching them include writing them out, completing each, and moving on to the next. It’s an organic process, and some items will drop off your list and others will get added."

Check out the post, 30 Pieces of Advice From Music Industry Entrepreneurs.

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3 thoughts on “Music Career Advice from 30 Industry Experts

  1. Radio stations only play CDs from the majors. Give me one good reason why they don’t play songs from Indi’s?
    Okay, I believe there is an answer to everything……………How does one get radio stations to play indi’s?

    1. You pay them. The reason they play major is because they pay them to play songs. Sponsors more or less.

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