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Home studio posts – recording tips for producers, engineers, and musicians

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These recording and studio tips offer insights on acoustics, microphones, music production, gear, plug-ins, tones, mixing, and everything in between — for all your home studio and pro studio recording endeavors.

This post was updated February 2021.

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Ready to learn how to record your music in your own home studio? Looking for advice on recording equipment, acoustics, and being a recording engineer? We’ve got a ton of home studio blog posts we’ve published over the years, and we’ve collected them here for you. Dig in to interviews with great music producers, tips on how to build your home studio, and recording insights from the pros.

Home Studio Handbook

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How To Record and Mix Advice From the Pros
Recording saxophone and reed instruments — tips from a veteran producer Choose moderate volume when mixing music
Recording bass guitar — Tips from a veteran producer Three easy fixes to improve your guitar tone when recording
Piano miking techniques for the studio and stage Getting a great vocal take in the studio
How to record a kick drum What’s the difference between an engineer and a music producer?
How to record a snare drum Vocal recording advice for the experimental at heart
How to get better results mixing in your home studio Prepping for an audio mix: Get your session, tracks, and notes in order
Mixing vocals in your home studio Consider this when mixing with headphones
Five mistakes that can lead to a muddy mix How to overcome the challenges of mixing in a home studio
How to make better audio mixes with panning Tips from a veteran mixing engineer
EQ and your audio mix: Five tips for spectral success Audio mixing fundamentals with engineer Graham Cochrane
Add clarity to your audio mix using pre-delay Introduction to Audio Mastering
Mixing rap vocals to cut through the music track Stage and studio advice from a vocal producer
Mixing on headphones in your home studio Avoid these common mistakes to get the most from audio mastering
Audio mastering basics for your home studio How to get a great vocal sound in your home studio
Fixing your audio mix: how to tweak that problem bass note Stereo width and audio mastering
Mixing Drums: How to mix drums and percussion in your home studio Butch Vig on record production
Home recording tips – 9 mic placements for recording a snare drum Twelve EDM production tips for producing massive and original dance music
Panning adds width to your audio mix Getting the best from your live music recording
The four essential elements of EQ and your audio mix Limit your takes and make better recordings
Don’t boost – reduce! Subtractive equalization and your home studio mix (Irreverent) Recording tips from Mitch Easter
10 Mixdown Tips for the Aspiring Audio Engineer Pre-production tips for recording drums
Home Recording Tips – 10 Mic Placements For Acoustic Guitar Producing great hip hop vocals
Seven music mixing tips to help you maintain perspective Producing Background Vocals
Recording vocals in a home studio SNL Drummer Shawn Pelton Shares Recording Session Performance Tips
Re-amping and Your Home Studio Home Studio Recording Tips From a Pro Studio
Tracking vocals one phrase at a time Your Home Studio Mix – Recording Tips For Better Results
Tracking vocals: Making a phrase-by-phrase approach work Quincy Jones: Tools For Success
Recording Electric Guitar In the Studio with Trevor Horn
Recording Acoustic Guitar Behind the Glass with Joe Chiccarelli
Mix with your song structure in mind Behind The Glass with Daniel Lanois
Creating a Great Composite Vocal Recording
Mixing bass guitar in your home recording studio
Gear and Your Recording Space Producing and Prepping for Recording
How to record better tones in your home studio Ear fatigue: Know the signs, avoid mistakes
Logic or Pro Tools? Which is better for you? Psychology and the music producer
When it comes to vocal tuning, one size does not fit all Adding live strings to your recording
Finding the right digital piano 5 things to do before recording in a professional studio
Acoustic piano on stage and in the studio Budgeting for your recording session
Make the most of your studio time (and space) 10 ways to lay the groundwork for an amazing vocal recording session
Working with plug-ins: A beginner’s guide Getting great results when you’re the singer AND producer in your home studio
Meet the Audio plug-in: Your start-up kit Seven things to consider when shopping recording studios
The essential studio gear for your home studio Seven tips for recording great keyboard parts in the studio
Choosing a signature vocal mic for your studio Improve your EDM production skills with close listening
Going mobile: A look at music making apps Actively test – and improve – your listening skills
Virtual synths and musical instruments on your mobile device Preparing to record in a professional recording studio
The B-3 in action: Five examples of Hammond organ done right Prepping for the recording studio, Part II
Six tips for adding Hammond organ to your music What is the difference between loudness, volume and gain?
Remote collaboration: Nine tips for sharing music tracks Are you ready to work with a vocal producer?
Mastering Gear and The SoundLAB at Disc Makers Music production basics – Part 1: amplitude and automation
Acoustic treatment and your home studio A record producer’s pre-recording prep work
Are your home studio acoustics killing your mix? The record producer and pre-production
Pros and cons of the Figure 8 mic pickup pattern How to choose a recording studio
The recording equipment you really need for your home studio setup Audio mastering for vinyl
A quick buyer’s guide for your home studio microphone So this guitarist walks into a recording studio…
Isolation headphones and your home recording The Mantra of a Successful Recording Studio
Signal Processing For The Home Studio Owner: Part 1, Compressors, Limiters, and EQ Audio Mastering – The Mysterious Post-Production Art Form
Signal Processing For The Home Studio Owner: Part 2, Gates, Delay, and Reverb Dithering – Adding “Good Noise” to Improve Your Home Recordings
Recording Studio Microphones: Good, Better, and Wow! Drum Tuning Advice for Recording and Gigs
Using compressors and limiters

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