Disc Makers puts its employees in the spotlight

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In February 2012, Disc Makers presented the 12th annual DM Palooza showcase at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live venue. DMP12 hosted 17 acts, all featuring Disc Makers’ employees showing off what we do when we’re not at work.

All these photos were taken by Erin Rooney (Account Manager). Check out her photography page on Facebook.

Chris McNulty (l), Electronic Pre Press; Steve Cochran (r), Mastering
Jeanine Reed, IT
April Griffin, CSR
Joel Maxey, Senior Director of Manufacturing
Andre Calilhanna, Marketing; Former DM bonus! Steve Delaney (drums) and Kris Ohrenick (bass)
Jack Gillespie, Product Specialist
Gus Compson (r), Product Specialist
Sean Quinn, Account Manager
Brenda Barry, Accounting
Doug Heusser, Graphic Designer
Kevin Patterson, Electronic Pre Press
Justin Burok, Short Run
Eric Serota, Packaging
Jim Foley, Purchasing & Logistics Manager
Nick Staver, CSR

8 thoughts on “Disc Makers puts its employees in the spotlight

  1. How cool of Erin and Disc Makers to show off their talent! Creative people are so much more than the many labels that we often get stuck with defining people by an occupation or interest. Multifaceted we all are!

    1. No, not for a little while now. He was touring with Amos Lee last I heard from him. And no doubt, Fred’s the MAN,

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