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Brian Lipski, who heads the dedicated group of audio engineers in the SoundLab Mastering Suite at Disc Makers, explains some of the basics about post-production mastering and the gear used in the process – either in your home studio or in a professional environment like the SoundLab.

The video introduces the basic elements in the mastering chain – including monitors, stereo compressors, stereo equalizers, limiters, and A/D converters – and also touches on the importance of sound treatment in the mastering suite.

5 thoughts on “Mastering Gear Overview

  1. Boy..great info. Question: I am using Berhinger vocal processor and Compressor/Limiter/Gate with Studio cardoid mics all into 2 small Berhinger 802 2- channel mixers with 2 mic (in) with preAmps (each mixer)and 48+ power form the mics.

    As I go through levels I never was aware of the fact I am using the one mixer for all instruments (guitars + effects) into the preAmps and Analog signals into the soundcard AC/DC processor.

    Can do ducking and thumping, voiceovers but heck……………You saying if I run rack units I have to have an AC/DC rack unit to make all the analog guitars and drum machines too?

  2. very nice, simple and clear… looks like whoever mastered this video could have done a better job at trimming the outro length… by about 45 seconds! 😉

    1. the audio of the video could have been better tweaked as well.  had to chase the volume a couple of times, especially when he was standing.  : )

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